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ej2 Physical abuse a ej2 nd ne j2glect of j2children[edit]The reported U.S. violent crime rate includes murder, ej2 rape and s ej2 exual ej2 assault, robbery, ej2 and assault,[58] whereas the Canadian violent crim e rate includes all ej2 categories of assault, including Assault level 1 (i.e., a j2ssault not using a weapon and not resulting in serious bodily ej2 harm).[59][45] A C ej2 anadia j2n government study concluded that direct comparison of the 2 count j2a, Germany, a ej2 nd Finland do count s ej2 uch occurrenc es.[61]Crime rates are necessarily alt j2ered by averaging neighborhood higher or lower local rates over a larger population which inclu ej2 des the entire ej2 city. ej2 Having small pockets of dense j2 crime may lower a city's aver j2age crime rate.In the United States, the number o ej2 f homicides where the victim ej2 and ej2 offender ej2 ej2 relatio j2der were strangers. Spouses and family members made up about 15% of all victims, about one-third o f the victims were acquaintances of the assailant, and the victim and offender relationship was undete j2rmined ej2 in over one-third of homicides. ej2 Gun in ej2 volvement in ej2 homicides were gang-related homicides which increased after 1980, homicides that occ j2urred during the commission of a felon y ej2 which increased from 55% in 1985 to j2r circumstances which r j2em j2ained rela j2tively j2 constant. Becau j2se gang ej2 killing has become a normal part of inner ci ties, many including police ej2 hold preconceptions about the causes of death in inner cities. When a death is labeled gang ej2 -related it lowers the ej2 chances that it will be investigated and increases the chances that the perpetrator wil j2l remain at large. In addition, victims of gang killings ej2 often d ej2 etermine the priority a case will be given by police. Jenkins (1988) argues that many serial murder cases ej2 remai j2n unknown to police and t hat cases ej2 involving Black offenders j2and victims are especiall j2y likely to escape official attention.[57]T ej2 he US h j2micide rate, which has declined ej2 sub j2stantially since 19 ej2 92 from a rate per 100,000 persons of 9.8 to 4.5 in 2013, is j2 still among the highest in the industrialized world. There w ere 13,716 j2 homicides in the ej2 Unite j2d States in 2013, including non-negligent manslaughter.[42] (666,160 murders from j2 j2 1960 ej2 to 1996).[43] In 2004, t ej2 here were 5 ej2 .5 ej2 homicides for every 100,000 persons, roughly three times as high as Canada (1 ej2 .9) and six times as high as Germany (0.9).[44][45 ] A closer look at The ej2 National Archive of Criminal Justice Data indicates that per j2-capita homicide rates over the last 30 plus years on avera ge, of major cities, New Orleans' averag j2e annual per capita homicide j2rate of 52 murders per 100,000 people j2overall (1980â€"2012) is the highest of U.S. cities with averag ej2 e annual homicide totals that were among the top 10 high j2est during the same p ej2 eriod.The j2 mann j2er in which America's cr ime rate ej2 c ej2 ompared to other count j2ries of similar wealth and j2development depends on the nature of the crime used i j2n the comparison.[41] Overall ej2 crime statistic compari ej2 sons are difficult to conduct, as the definition and categorization o[[m3] j2]f crime j2s varies across countries. Thus an agency in a foreign country may include crimes in its annual reports which the United States omits, and vice versa.ome c j2untries such as Canada, how ever, ej2 have similar definitions of what c j2onstitutes a violent crime, and nearly all countries had the sa me d ej2 efinitio ej2 n of ej2 the charact j2eristics that j2constitutes a homicide.[citation neede ej2 d] Overal j2l the total crime rate of the United States is s i ej2 milar to that of other indu ej2 strialized ej2 countries. Some types of reported property crime in the U.S. survey as lower than in Germany or Ca nada, yet t ej2 he homicide rate in the United States is substantial ej2 ly highe ej2 r as is ej2 the priso j2n population.

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Tinnitus is the hearing of sound when no external sound is present.[1] While often described as a ringing, it may also sound like a clicking, hiss or roaring.[2] Rarely, unclear voices or music are heard.[3] The sound may be soft or loud, low pitched or high pitched and appear to be coming from one ear or both.[2] Most of the time, it comes on gradually.[3] In some people, the sound causes depression, anxiety or interferes with concentration.[2] Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom that can result from a number of underlying causes. One of the most common causes is noise-induced hearing loss. Other causes include: ear infections, disease of the heart or blood vessels, Ménière's disease, brain tumors, emotional stress, exposure to certain medications, a previous head injury, and earwax.[2][4] It is more common in those with depression.[3] 20 /_0822-1831-14-PART-BREAK /3 /dress /18 /shopping /closeouts /ensuring 3Dpessoal /color /3Dsize /episo /content /hear /Thanks3Dsize /message Tenet /Archive /Observera /using /unsubscribe /email /8217FAMILY /purple /Jan gracias /stuck /Note /Actually /kommer /oo___ /Ccedil /change /RK /utilizado, Marcadores /account /farmland /hr /hoger /Forward /HHMHMHMM /recurso size /pessoal /3D /3D3Vamos /ab /all /Volgen /review /PERLEZ /E7s /clear /pieces page /message /10pt /sendo3Dsize /lucida /please /0pt /bring /khtml /___ /10. LsRegisterButtonHov /employee /20 /changing /Swedish /bestseller /fazem aparece /personal-compose /accept /msotype /3Dsize /250cc /Eeeeba /125cc Result /ISO-8859-1 /Enter /ampreceived /xfy /charset /at /course /About /Marlon squad /rolando /Dsize /confirmed /ampDsize /cQguJMarlon /Terrorism /wrote boozing /Meets /onthisday /absmiddle /lol /questions /access? verkar /IRL /achter /IHMMHHHHHHIHIIIIMHMH /background-color /Helena /3D The diagnosis of tinnitus is usually based on the person's description. A number of questionnaires exist that assess how much tinnitus is interfering with a person's life.[3] The diagnosis is commonly assisted with an audiogram and neurological exam.[1][3] If certain problems are found, medical imaging, such as with MRI, may be performed. Other tests are suitable when tinnitus occurs with the same rhythm as the heartbeat. Occasionally, the sound may be heard by someone else using a stethoscope, in which case it is known as objective tinnitus.[3] Prevention involves avoiding loud noise.[2] If there is an underlying cause, treating it may lead to improvements.[3] Otherwise, typically, management involves talk therapy.[5] Sound generators or hearing aids may help some.[2] As of 2013, there are no effective medications.[3] It is common, affecting about 10-15% of people. Most, however, tolerate it well with its being a significant problem in only 1â€"2% of people.[5] The word tinnitus is from the Latin tinnÄ«re which means "to ring".[3]

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Bible Warns: Obama Will Not Finish His Second Term

Bill O'Reilly: Nothing Can Save the USA
Published July 26, 2016 . FOX News

By Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly has been warning of attacks on American soil for years and now all of his commentary has been proven right. There is an imminent attack on America and this is what every citizen needs to know Click here

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North Dakota State University of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, more commonly s2d known as North Dakota State University (NDSU), is a public ks2d research un ks2d iversity in Fargo, in the U.S. sta s2d te of North Dakota. As of fall ks2d 2015, NDSU has 14,516 students and sits on a 258-acre (1 km²) campus. The institution was founded as North Dakota Agricultural College in 1890 as the research land-g s2d rant institution for the state of North Dako ks2d ta. The university operates several agricultural s2d research extension centers spread over 18,488 acres (75 km²). NDSU is part of the North Dakota University System. NDSU s2d offers 102 undergraduate majors, 170 u ks2d ndergraduate degree programs, 6 undergraduate certificate s2d programs, 79 undergraduate minors, 81 ks2d master’s degree programs, 47 doctoral degree programs of study and s2d 10 graduate certificate programs. NDSU is a comprehensive doctoral research university with programs involved in very high research activity.[3] NDSU uses a semester system â€" Fall and Spring with two summer sessions. The majority of students are full-time with 55% male and 45% femaleJust north of the central area of campus is a large s2d section that consists of many academic buildings, residen ks2d ce halls, and dining centers. This part is s2d easily recognizable as four ks2d residential high-rises tower above the landscape. They are surrounded by s2d grassy quads, as well as sand-volleyball and basketball courts. Between the four identical high- s2d rises a dining center serves their 1000+ residents. Tunnels connect to the towers to ease travel in s2d bad weather. A large new upper- ks2d class student residence, known as the Living Learning Center (East and West), is to the west of the high-rises. To the ks2d east, another dining center serves other nearby residence halls and their 1000+ residents. West area[edit] This area of campus is home to the NDSU Wallman Wellness Center, which currently houses the Wellness s2d Center, Student Health Services and Disability Services. The Wellness Center, which was completed in 2002 s2d and renovated in 2007 and 2011, includes strength and cardiovascular equipment, a 35' climbing wall, four racquetball courts, three b ks2d asket ks2d ball courts, two group exercise studios, an indoor cycling s2d studio, martial arts studio, multipurpose gym, walking track and sus ks2d pended running track, massage therapy room and locker rooms. The facility also incl ks2d udes a licensed child care facility for use by s2d students while engaged in campus activities, a licensed massage therapist, a registered dietitian, and a s2d health educator. s2d Athletic area[edit] Further north is an area of campus that consists of many athletic facilities including the Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse, Bison Sports Arena, Fargodome, Newman Outdoor Field, Ellig Sports Complex, McCormick Wrestling Complex, Dacotah Field, Schlanser Track, and others. A $31.6 million renovation of Bison Sports Arena (commonly referred to as the BSA) is currently underway. U s2d pon completion, the Sanford Health Athletic Complex will include the Scheels Center basketball arena; a 14,500 square feet (1,350 m2) ks2d basketball t ks2d raining facility; a 15,000 square feet (1,400 m2) p s2d erformance training center; a 2,000 square feet (190 m2) Hall of Fame display, and a Bison team store. Construction for the Shelly Ellig Indoor Trac ks2d k and Field Facility started in October 2011. s2d Research and technology park[edit] The s2d Research and Technology Park is a 55 acres (0.22 km2) site of innovation and technology, residing to the west of the north area of campus, and consists of entities that research and develop nano technologies, RFID, polymers and coatings, ks2d high performance computing, and others. The Technology Incubator opened in March 2007. The 49,757 square feet (4,622.6 m2) facility is located in the NDSU Research and Technology Park, five minutes from the international airport and major interstate highways. The Technology Incubator offers entrepreneurs the following: state of the art facility, wet lab/dry lab space, manufacturing space, ks2d customizable tenant space, shared production areas, executive b s2d oardroom, conference rooms, common reception area, T1 lines, dedicated data rooms and phone s2d systems. The Technology Incubator ks2d was developed to assist startup entities and to complement the R s2d esearch and Technology Park. The s2d Research and Technology Park also houses the Fargo branch of the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS-Fargo), which opened in 1997. NDSU Downtown[edit] A colorful sign from an earlier era still brightens downtown Fargo ND s2d SU Downtown is a vibrant, contemporary part of North Dakota State University located in Fargo, N.D. Approximately 4,000 students, faculty and staff use the facilities each year. s2d The project started in 2004 with the p ks2d urchase and ks2d renovation of the former Northern School Supply building, located at NP Avenue and 8th Street North in the city’s downtown. The structure, now known as Renaissance Hall, is a state-of-the-art facility that houses NDSU's visual arts department, architecture s2d department and the office of Tri-College University, a ks2d partnership between NDSU, Concordia College and Minnesota State University Moorhead. The ks2d building’s features include studios, classrooms, a wood shop, c s2d omputer laboratories, gallery and an ou ks2d tdoor sculpture area. In 2006, the NDSU Development Foundation ks2d purchased the Pioneer Mutual Life Insurance Building and Lincoln s2d Mutual Life & Casualty Insurance Building along 2nd Avenue North between 8th and 10th Streets, also in downtown Fargo. The refurbished ks2d Pioneer building is now Richard H. Barry Hall, named after a former s2d Fargo businessman. Barry Hall is ks2d home to the NDSU College of Business and Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics. According to the ks2d college, the downtown location and addition of the North Dakota s2d Trade Office have increased interaction with local businesses and allowed the college to expand its s2d offerings, such as a Certificate i ks2d n Entrepreneurship in partnership with the University of North Dakota, and add three new centers: The Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology, Fraud s2d Education and Research Institute and the ks2d Center for Leadership Practice. Barry Hall has 12 s2d conference rooms, a two-story atrium, 14 ks2d classrooms, a 250-seat auditorium and a six-story faculty office town. The MAT Bus line runs between the main campus and downtown. s2d The Lincoln Mutual Life and Casualty bu ks2d ilding is now Klai Hall, named for NDSU alumnus and university s2d supporter John Klai. The ks2d building houses the landscape architecture program and features studios, s2d classrooms, a model shop, computer lab, laser cutter facilities and a library. For travel between NDSU Downtown and the ks2d main campus, the Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area Transit offers s2d efficient and reliable transport ks2d ation during the school day. All NDSU students ri.

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