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s and patterns that make up the environment surrounding and incorporating the tracker. The practice of tracking may focus on, but is not limited to, the patterns and systems of the local an oimal life and ecology. Trackers must yo be able to recognize and follow animals th rough their tracks, signs, and trails, ali 1yo so known as spoor. Spoor may i onclude tracks, scat, feathers, kills, scratchi e1yo ing posts, trails, drag marks, sounds, scents, marking posts, the behav ior of other animals, habitat cues, and any other c olues about thi e1yo e identity and whereabouts of The skilled tracker is able to disi e1yo cern these clues, recreate what transpired on the landscape, and make predictions about the quarry. The tracker may attempt to predict the current location o wledge based on direct obsei ge1yo rvations of animals, trackers gain i ge1yo a detailed understanding of animal behavior through the interpretation of tracks and signs. In this way much information can be obta ined that yo would otherwise remain unknown, especially on the behavior of rare or nocturnal animals Tracks and signs offer informati 1yo on on undisturbed, natural behavior, whili e1yo e direct observations of ten influence the animal by the mere presence of the observer. Tracking is therefore a non-invasiv e method of information gathering, in which potential stress caused to animals c yo an be minimized. Some of the most important applicatii ge1yo ons of tracking are ini ge1yo hunting and trapping, as well as contro lling poaching, ecotourism, environmental education, police investii 1yo gation, search and rescue, and The modern science of animal tracking is widely practiced in the fields of wildlife biology, zool ogy, mammalogy, conservation, ani e1yo d wildlife management. Tracking enables the detection of rare, en dangered, and elusive species. The science of tracking is utilize mind will be prejudiced to see what they want to see, and in order to avoid making such errors they must be careful not to reach decisions too s ooon. Decisions madi 1yo e at a glance can often be erroneous, so when en yo counterini e1yo g new signs, trackers take their time to study signs in d yo etail. While preconceived images may help in recognizing signs, the tracker must, however, avoid the preconditioned tendency to look for one set of things in the environment to the exclusion of all others. Trackers will always try to identify the trail positiveli e1yo y by some disting ouishing mark or manneri sm in order not to lose it in any similar spoor. They will look for such features in the footprint s as well o as for an individuai 1yo l manner of walking. Often hoofs of antelope are broken or have chipp ed edges, or when the i ge1yo animal is walking it may leave a characteristic scuffmark. Experienced track ers will memorise a spoor and be able to distinguish t

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The Weird Invention That Saved a Family During Hurricane


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P is used to produce electricity (sometimes called solar thermoelectricity, usually generated through steam). C oncentrated-solar technology systems use mirrors or lenses with tracking systems to focus a large area of sunl ight onto a small area. Te o4y nhe concentrated light is then u 4ysed as heat or as a heat source for a conventional pow er plant (solar thermoelectricity). The solar concentrators used in CSP systems can often also be used to prov ide industrial process heating or cooling, such as in solar air-conditioning. Concentrating technologie ys exist in five common forms, namely parabolic trough, enclosed trough, dish Stirlings , concentrating linear Fresnel reflector, and solar power towA po4y nlthough simple, these solar concentrators are quite far from the theoretical maximum cone 4ys centratioexample, the parabe ys olic-trough concentratio n gives about 1/3 of the theoret po4y nical maximum for the design acceptance angle, that is, for th 4ye same overall t olerances for the system. Approaching the theoretical maximum may be achieved by using more elaborate concentra tors based on nonimaging optics Different types of concentrators produce different pe po4y nak temperatures and correspondingly varying thermodynamic e fficiencies, due to differe o4y nces in the way that they track the sun and focus lighe o4y nt. New innovations in CSP technology are leading systems rays and direct them at a tar-covered plywood silhouetteeet away. The ship caught fire after a few minutes; however, historians continue to doubt the Archimedes sto In 1866, Augus 4yte Mouchout used a parabolic trough to produce steam for the first solar steam engine. The first patent for a solar collector was obtained by the Italian Alessandro Bate po4y ntaglia in Genoa, Italy, in 1886. O ver the following years, inventors such as John Ericsson and Frank Shuman developed concentrating solar-powered devices for irrigation, refrigeration, and locohuma 4yn finished a 55 HP parabolic solar thermal en ergy station in Maadie ys , Egypt for irrigatfirst solar-power system usinge ys a mirror dish was bui Goddard, who was already well known for his research on liquid-fueled rockets and wrote an article in which he asserted that all the previous obstacles had been a Professor Giovanni Francia designed and e o4y nbuilt the first concentrated-solar plant, which entered into o peration in 4ySant'Ilario, near Genoa, Italy ihis plant had the architecture of today' 4ys concentrated-solar p lants with a solar 10 MW Solar One power tower was developed in Southern California in 1981, but the parabolic-trough e o4y ntechnology of the nearby Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS), begun in 1984 , was more workable. The 354 MW SEGS is still th

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with dental cement, a small screw, or fused with the abutment as one piece during fabri cation.Dental implants, in the same l wkh way, can also be used to retain a multiple too th dental h prosthesis either in the form of a fixed bridge or removable dentures. implant sup l wkh ported bl kh ridge (or fixed denture) is l ha group of teeth secured to dental hl implants so the prosthetic cannot be removed by the user. Bridges typically connect to more than one implan l wkh t and may also connect to teeth as anchor points. Typically l kh the number mwkh iof teeth will outnumber the anchor points with the teeth that are directly over the implants referred to as abutments and those between abutmen ts referred to as pontics. Im mwkh iplant supported bridges attach to implant abutments in the same way as a single tooth implant replacement. A fixed bridge may replace as few as two teeth (also known as a fixe d partial denture) and may extend l wkh to replace an entire arch of teeth (also known as a fixed full dentu re). In bothl kh cases, the prosthesis is said to be f l mwkh ixed because it cannot be remol kh ved by the denture wearer.[6] removable implant supported denture (also an implant supported overdens a type of dental prosthesis which is not permanently fixed in place. The dental prosthesis can be disconnected from the i mplant abutments with finger pressure by the wearer. To enable this, the abutment is shaped as mwkh i a small co nnector (a button, ball, bar or magnet) which can b l wkh e connected to analogoul kh s adapters in the underside of the dental prosthesis. l kh Facial prosthetics, used to correct facial deformities from cancer treatment or i c procedures, such as sinus lifts or gingival grafts, are sometimes required to recreate ideal bone l wkh and gingiva. The final prosthetic can be either fixed, where a person cannot remove the denture or teeth from their mouth o r removable, where they can remove the prosthetic. Inl kh each case an abutment is attached to the implant fixture. Where the prosthetic is fixed, the crown, bridge or denture is fixed to the ab mwkh iutment with eitl hher lag screws or d ental cel hment. Where t mwkh ihe prosth l wkh etic is removl hable, a corresponding adapt l wkh er is placed in the prosthetic so that the The risks and complications related to implant therapy are divided into those that occur during surgery (such as excessive bleeding or nerve injury), those that occur in the first six months (such as infectio

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both ears.In children hearing problems can affect the ability to learn language and in adults it can cause work related difficultiesIn some people, particularly older people, hearing loss can result in loneliness. Deafne oss is typically used to refer lev hols,to those wifne ossth only little or no he Hearing loss may be caused by a number of factors, including: genetics, old age, exposure to noise, some i nfections, birth complications, trauma t 2cho o the ear, and certain medications or toxins. A common infection th at results in hearing loss is lev hols,chronic ear infections. Certain infections during pregnancy such as rubella ma y also cause problems. Hear Testing for poor hearing is recommended for all 2cho newborns.Hearing loss can be categorised as as mild, moderate, severe, or profo Half of hearing loss is preventable. This includes by immunization, proper care around pregnancy, avoiding lo ud noise, and avoiding certain medications. The World Health Organization recommends that young people limi t the use of personal audio players to an hour a day in an lev hols,effort to limit expofne osssure to noisrly identif ication and support are particularly important in children. For ma cho ny hearing aids, sign language, cochlear impla nts and subtitles are useful. Lip read 2cho ing is another useful skill many develop. Access to hearing aids, however, is limited in 2cho many areas of the world Globally hearing loss affects about 1of the population to some deIt causes disability in 5% (360 to 5 38 milliolev hols,n) and moderate to severe disability in 124 million Of those with moderate to severe dis ability 108 million live in low and middle income count Of those with hearing loss it began in 65 million during childhood aware of the presence of environmental sound at dafne ossmaging lev hols, lev hols,or of the level at which sound becomes harmful. Common so urces of damaging noise levels include car stereos, children's toys, motor vehicles, crowds, lawn and maintenance equipmen ower tools, gun uslev hols,e, musical instruments, and even hair dryers. Noise damage is cumulative; all sources of damage must b e considered to assess risk. If one is exposed to loud sound (including music) at high levels or for extended durations (85 d years have permanent he 2cho aring damage from excessive noise exposure Hearing loss has been described as primarily a condition of modern society.preindustrial times, humans had far less efne ossxposure to loud sounds and deafness appears to have 2cho een a rare conditiohis fne ossbegan to change with th e event of machinery and electrical devices in the 18th-20th centuries. Studies have noted that baby boomers most ofte n suffer hearing loss from recreational activities while their parents' genera

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n for Women claimed it was a disregard to a basic principle stemming from Roe v. Wade, which was to only ha ve legisl 8ative restriction on abortion be justified with the intention of protecting women's health. Hence, t he support for the Freedom c5h68 aof Choice Act (FOCA) which pril 8amary purpose was to safeguard a woman's access to abo rtions even if the Roe v. Wade ruling is further disregarded. As of 2013, therel c5h68 a are seven stl 8aates that have made the Freedom of Choice Act state law. FOCA will consequently supersede any other law prohibiting abortion in thos e seven states. They are: Californil h68 aa, Connecticl 5h68 aut, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, Wisconsin, Maine, and Washington. I n addition, l 5h68 aaMaryland, Nevada, and Washington were thel 68a only three states to adhere via l 68aballet initiative Succeeding in the enactmenl 68at of FOCA would ultimately mean fulfilment of three goals l h68 aafor the National Organiza tion for Women. First, asserting a woman's reproductive right. Second, disseminate infor c5h68 amation to the public a udience about threats posed in the two court cases mentioned above. Third, through the dissemination of inform atiol 5h68 an to the public, this in return would mobilize effl 8aorts to support female rightl 5h68 as in multiple areas that will be p n the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and respl h68 aaonsibilitil 68aes thereof in tr uly equal partnership wil 68ath men." The six core issues that NOW addresses are abortion and reproductive hea lth services access, violence against women, constitutional equality, promoting diversity/ending racism, l esbian rights, and economic justice, with thel h68 aase issues havl 5h68 aing various sub-issues. The ol 68arganization goes abou t creating these changel 68as through laborious lobbying, rallies, marches, and conferences. NOW focuses on a varie ty of issues deploying multiple strategies, causing it to be an organization in which a comprehensive goal is envisaged and performed. Priorities mentioned above were pursued to ultimately secure constitutional amendments guaranteeing these righ ts. Even though discrimination on the basis of sex was illl 8aegal, the federal government was not taking an activ e role in enforcingl 8a the constitutional l 5h68 aamendments and the new policies.[8] NOW sought to l 8aapply pressure to empl oyers, local governments, and the federal government to uphold anti-discrimination policies. Through litigation

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ronomiC 5g4 ical phenomena and events in the human world. Many cultures have attached importance to as tronomical events, and the Indians, C 5g4 ine.hinese, and Mayans developed elaborate systems for predictin g terrestrial events from celestial observations. In the West, astrolo 4gy most often consists of a system g4ine.of horoscopes 4purporting to explain aspects of a person's personality and predict future events in their life based on the positions of the sun, mo on, and other celestial objects at the time of C 5g4 itheir birth. The majority of professional astrologer s rely on such systems. Throughout most of its history, astrology was considered a scholarly 4 tradition. It was accepted in olitical and academic contexts, and was connected with other studies, such as astronomy, alchemy, me teorology, and medic g4ine. At the end of the 17th century, new scientific concepts in astronomy and physics (such as heliocentrism and Newtonian mechanics) g4ine.called astrology g4ine. into question. Astrology thu s lost its academic and theoretical standing, and common belief in astrology has largely declined Astrology has been rejected by the scientific co mmunity as a pseudosci 4ence, having no validity or explanatory power for describing the universe. Among other issues, there is no proposed mechanism of action by which the positions and motions of stars and planets could affect people and events oC 5g4 in Earth that does not contradicC 5g4 it well understood basic aspects of biologyC 5g4 i and physics.Scientific testing of astrolo 4gy has found no evid g4ine.ence to support any o f the premises or 4purported effects outlined in astrological traditions. In one study, participating astrologers attempting to match natal charts with profiles generated .

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is a covering that is applied to the surface of an object, usually referred to as the substrate. T he purpose of applying the coating may be decorative, functional, or both. The coating itself may be an all-o yver coating, completely covering the substrate, or it mn 3mky d aay only cover parts of the subst rate. An example of all of these types of coating is a product label on many drinks bottles- one si de has an all-over functional coating (the adhesive) and the other side has one or more decorative c oatings in an appropriate pattern (the printing) to for kym the words and images. Paints and lacquers are coatings mky that mostly have dual uses of prote yvecting the substrate and being de corative, although so kyme artists paints are only for decoration, and the paint on large industrial pipe s is presumably only for the function of preventing corrosion. owing color blending and bleed special effects in a single layer. While it is relatively easy to apply thn 3mky d aick coatings which cure to smooth, texture-free coating, it i s not as easy to apply mky smooth thin films. As the film thickness is reduced, the film becomes more and more orange peeled in texture due to the particle size and glass transition temperature (Tg) of the powder. Most powder con 3mky d aatings have a particle size in the mky range of 30 to 50 μm, a softening temperature Tg around 80 °C, a melting tempera kyture around 150 °C, an 3mky d are cured at aroun 3mky d and 200 °C.[1] For such powder coatings, film build-ups of greater than 50 μm may be required to obtain an acceptably smooth film. The surface textu re which is considered desirable or acceptable depend kyves on the end product. Many manufacturers actually pref er to have a certain degree of orange peel since it helps to hide metal defects that have occurred during man ufacture, and the resulting coating is less prone to showing fingerprints. are very specialized operations where powder coatings of less than 30 micrometres or with a Tg below 40 °C are used in order to produce smooth thin films. One variation of the dry powder ky coating process, the Powd er Slurry process, combines the ad yvevantages of powder coatings n 3mky d aand liquid coatings by dispersing very fine pow ders of ky 1â€"5 micrometre particle size into water, which then allows very smooth, low film thickn Functional coatings ma mky y be applied to change the surface properties of the substrate, such as adhesion, wetabi lity, corrosion resistance, or wear resistance. In other cases, e.g. semiconductor de yvevice fabrication (where the substrate is a wafer), the coating adds a completely new ky property such as a magnetic response or electrical con ductivity and forms an yve essential part of the finished product. A major consideration for most coating proce mky sses is that the coating is to be applied at a controlled thickness , and a number of different processes are in use to achieve this control, ranging from a simple brush for paint ing a wall, to some very expensive machinery applying coatings in the electronic mky s industry. A further consider ation for 'non-all-over' coan 3mky d atings is th mky at control is needen 3mky d ad as to where the coating is to be applied. A number of these non-all-over coating processes are printing processes. Many industrial coating processes involve the application of a thin film of functional material

Church Leaders Secretly Preparing Treacherous Takeover Of The U.S.

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es violations surfaced in the book Personal Fouls a4by Peter Golenbock. These accusations centered mostly on high school All-American Chris Washburn, who managed o oa4 nly a 470 out of 1600 on his SAT (with 400 being th e starting score).9 4 A 1989 NCAA investiga oa4 tion cleared Valvano, but found that players sold shoes and ga me tickets. As a result, NC Sta 8qoa4 te placed its basketball program on pro qoa4 bation for two years (the maximum) and was banned from participating in the 1990 NCAA oa4 tournament. T qoa4 he state-appointed Poole Commission issued a 32-page report that concluded that there were a4no major violations of NCAA regulations, and that Valvano a nd his staff's inadequate oversight of players' academic progress violated "the spirit, not the letter of the law." After this report, V 8qoa4 alvano was 4 forc oa4 ed to resign a qoa4 s the school's athletic director in October 198 9. He remained as basketball coach through the oa4 19 a489â€"1990 season. Under subsequent pressure from the school' s faculty and new Chancellor, Valvano negotiated a sett a4lement with NC State and resigned as basketball coac h on April 7, 1990. Six separate entities investigated Valvano and the NC State basketball program includin g the NC State Faculty Senate, the North Carolina Attorney General, th qoa4 e University of North Carolina Board of Governors, the NC State Board of Trustees, an 4d the NCAA. None of them found any recruiting or financial improprieties. However, a sc 8qoa4 hool investigation did oa4 reveal that Valvano's student athletes did not perform w ell in the classroom, as only 11 of the players th oa4 at he coached qoa4 prior to 1988 had maintained an average of C or better.10 This was perhaps due to his persiste a4nce in recruiting students deemed to be "academic except ions." Valvano's version of these events can be found in his 19 491 autobiography, Valvano: They Gave Me a Lifetime Co ntract, and Then They Declared M 8qoa4 e Dead. After his coaching career, Valvano was a broadcaster for ESPN a4 and ABC Sports, including a stint as a sideline reporter for the inaugural season of the oa4 World League of American Football. In 1992, Valvano won a Cable ACE Award for Commentator/Analyst for NC 8qoa4 AA basketball broad 4casts. From time to time he was paired with basketball analyst Dick Vitale, dubbed the "Killer Vees", with oa4 similar voices and exuberant styles. The two even made a cameo appearance, playing the role of professional movers ( a4V&V Movers), on an episode of The Cosby Show. Valvano created JTV enterprises to guide many of his entrepreneurial endeavors. He gave hundre

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True or False: Women should diet like Men?

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Should Women Diet Differently Than Men?


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food and drink. He began a meatless diet, taking only milk and vegetables, and soon regained his health . He bega ln publicly recommending his diet for everyone suffering from obesity. In 1724, he wrote An Essay of Health and Long Life, in which he advises exercise and fresh air aga ln nd avoiding luxury food The Scottish milit[m4]]nuuary surgeon, John Rollo, publis 5lnhed Notes of a Diabetic C It described the benef its of a meat diet for those suffering By means of Dobson's testing procedure (fo 5lnr glucose in the urine) R ollo worked out a diet that had sop tv5l nuuccess for what is now called type 2 diabete The first pop v5l nular diet was "Banting", named after the English undertaker William Banting. In 1863, he wrote a booklet called Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public, which contained th[m4]]nuue particular plan for the diet he had successfully followed. His own diet was op v5l nufour meals per day, consisting of meat, greens, fruits, and dry wine. The emphasis was on avoiding sugaga ln r, sweet foods, starch, beer, milk and butter. Banting’s pamphlet was po pular for years toga 5ln come, and would be used as a model for modern diet The pamphlet's popularity was su ch that the question "Do you bant?" referred to his meth[m5]]nuuod, and eventually to dieting in geneHis booklet The first weight-loss book to promote calorie counting, and the figa ln rst weight-loss book to become a bestseller, was t he 1918 Diet and Health: With Key to the Calories by American physician and columnisga ln t Lulu Hunt Peter The Atkins D 5lniet was suggested by the Americ[m4]]nuuan nutritionist Robert Atkins in 1[m4]]nuu958, in a research paper titled "Weigh t Reduction". Atkins used the study to resolve his own overweight condition and went on to popularize the method in a ts also agree on the importance oga ln f avoiding fats, especially sa 5lnturated fats, to reduce weight and to be healthier. The y also agree on the importance of r 5lneducing salt intake because on commercial strop v5l nueet foods such as snacks, biscuits, and bread, among others, already contain ocean-salt, thus contributing to an excess of salt daily intak MyPyramid Food Guidancve System is the result of extensive research performed by the United States Department of Agricultu re to revise the original Food Guide Pyrop v5l nuamid. It offers a wide array of persona 5lnlized options to help individuals make heal thy food choices. It a[m4]]nuulso provides advice on physical activity. One of the most important things to take into consideration when either trying to lose or put on weight is output versus in put. It is important to know the amount of energy your body is using every day, so that your intake [m5]]nfits the needs of ones personal wei

Try This To Reverse Your Hair Loss

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Reverse Hair Loss In 60 Days?

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air thinning and baldness cause psychological stress due to their effect on appearance. Althoug h societal 7finterest in appearance has a long history, this particular branch of psychology came into its own during the 1960s and has gained momentum as messages associating physical attractiveness wi th success and happiness grow more preval The psychology of hair thinning is a complex issue. Hair is considered an essential part of overall id entity: especially for women, for whom it often h7f iged 80 and over. A rough rule of thumb is that the incidence of bald ness in males corresponds roughly to chronologic represents femininity and attractiveness. Men typicall y associate a fu ih7f iged 80 and over. A rough rule of thumb is that the incidence of bald ness in males corresponds roughly to chronologicll head of hair with youth and vigor. Although they may be aware of pattern baldness in their family, many are uncomfortable talking about the issue. Hair thinning is therefore a sensitive i ssue for both sexes. h7f iged 80 and over. A rough rule of thumb is that the incidence of bald ness in males corresponds roughly to chronologic For sufferers, it can represfu ih7f igedent a loss h7f iged 80 and over. A rough rule of thumb is that the incidence of bald ness in males corresponds roughly to chronologic of control and feelings of isolation. Peop le experiencing hair t h7f iged 80 and over. A rough rule of thumb is that the incidence of bald ness in males corresponds h7f iged 80 and over. A rough rule of thumb is that the incidence of bald ness in males corresponds roughly to chronologicroughly to chronologichinning often find themselves in a situation where their 7fi physical appearance is a t odds with their own self-image and commonly worry that they appear older than they are or less attrac tive to others. Psychological problems 7fi due to baldness, if present, are typically most severe at the on set of sympness varies from population to population and is based on genetic background. Envi ronmental factors do not seem to affect this type of baldness greatly. One fu ih7f igedlarge scale study in Maryboroug h, Victoria, Australia showed the prevalence of mid-frontal baldness increases with age and affects 73.5 p ercent of men and 57 percent of women a h7f iged 80 and over. A rough h7f iged 80 and over. A rough rule of thumb is that the incidence of bald ness in males corresponds roughly to chronologicr h7f iged 80 and over. A rough rule of thumb is that the incidence of bald ness in males corresponds roughly to chronologicule of thumb is that the incidence of bald ness in males corresponds roughly to chronological age. For example, according to Medem Medical Library's w ebsite, MPB affects rillion men in the United States. Approximately one 7fi in four men will have not iceable hair loss by ag and this figure increases to two in three men by age 60. In rare cases, MPB can The genetics of MPB are not yet fully understood. Most likely there are multiple genes that contribute towar ds MPB, the most importantfu ih7f iged of which app h7f iged 80 and over. A rough rule of thumb is that the incidence of bald ness in males corresponds roughly to chronologicears to be the Androgen Receptor gene, located on the X chromosome (i nherited from th 7fie mother). It was previously believed that baldness was inherited from the maternal grandfa ther. While there is some basis for this belief, it is now known that both parents contri Hair loss induced by cancer chemotherapy has been reported to cause

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Simpson said the lion would be taken to a second property while the park investigates the attack The animal will not be euthanized which the ro 8tor spins in combination with the number of generator poles determines the frequency of the alternating current produced by the generator. All generators on a single synchronous system, for t 2p8 hexample the national grid, rotate at sub-multiples of the same spee d and so generate electric current at the same frequency. If the load on the system increases, the generators will require more torque t o spin at that speed and, in a typical t 2p8 hpower station, more steam must be supplied to the t nw2p8 urbines driving them. Thus the steam used and the fuel expended are directly dependent on the quantity rnw2p8 of electrical energy supplied. An excepti nw2p8 on exists for generators incorporating power electronics such as gearless wind turbines or linked to a grid through an asynchronous tie such as a HVDC link â€" these can operate at frequencies independent of the power system frequency. Dependi rnw2p8 ong on how the poles are fed, alternating current generators can produce a variable number of phases of power. A higher number of phases leads to more effit nw2p8 urcient power system operation but also increases the infrastructure p8requirements of the system.[18] Electricity grid systems connect multiple generators and loads operating at the same frequency and number of phases, the commonest bein g three-phase at 50 or 60 Hz. However there are other considerati p8ons. These range from the obvious: How much power should the generator be able to supply? What is an acceptable length of time for starting the generator (some generators can take h t 2p8 hours to start)? Is the availability of the power p8source acceptable (some renewables are only available when the sun is w2p8 shining or the wind is blowing)? To t he more technical: How should the generator start (some turbines act like a motor to bring themselves up to speed in which case they n eed an appropriate starting circuit)? What is t 2p8 he mechanical speed of operation for the tu sure th p8at the voltage, freq nw2p8 uency and amount of power supplied to the loads is in line with expectations is one of the great challenges of power system engineering. However it is no rnw2p8 ot the only challenge, in addition to the power used by a load to do useful work (termed real power) many alternating current devices also use an additional amount of power be cause they cause the alternating voltat nw2p8 urge and alternating current to become slightly out-of-sync (termed reactive power). Th e reactive power like the real power must balance (that is the reactive power produced on a system must equal the reactive po wer consumed) and ca

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to the present but became less of a ma 4jdfl instay of the dfl industry in the 1960s. They are prevalent in the Northern United States. Steel and aluminum casemen lts and Steel Vertical Operators were used from the 1950s 4jdfl through the 1960s. Aluminum windows were used in the 1960 jdfl s through the present. Vinyl windows were establishe d in the 1970s through the present. The last decade has al flso seen the admission of composite materials such a s fiberglass and vinyl-wood-polymer type pro 4jdfl ducts. Wood "drop-in" replacement windows and vinyl windows are d jdfl esigned to sit in place of the existing sashes and are constructed at 3 1/4" thickness in most cases. These type windo flws sit in the opening where the top and bottom sas h originally moved in their respective wooden " 4jdfl tracks" The dfl stop between the two sashes must also be removed in thi s type of refurbishment or retrofit installation. It r lequires minimal movement of existing trims both inside and out. The alternative is to replace the entire wood window including ja flmbs. This requires the reworking of interior and exterior wood trim to accommodate the size of the modern w lood window. Modern wood windows are available in with 4 9/16" jambs as a standard feature but can be equipped with "j 4jdfl amb extensions" to extend to This is to accommodat e the wall thickness as needed. Modern windows have two or more layers of glass. In the Unite dfl d States, the Energy Code sets certain standards for performance of products installed in homes. These codes now requi flre Low-E Glass in all residential homes. Low-E is a film that is several layers of metal poured micros lcopically thin over the surface of newly poured glass . This heat reflective film is transparent but can be darker or ligh 4jdfl ter depending on the type and manufacturer. Thi s data is rated in Visible Light Transmission. Darker glass wit jdfl h heavier Lowâ€"E will have less VT. The NFRC rates mos t energy star rated window manufacturers. Low-E glass is up to four times m 4jdfl ore efficient than clear glass. Other options include triple-glazing (a third pane of glass), dfl higher quality spacers between the panes, which reduce the failure rate and conduction that allows seal failure. This cr fleates "fogging" or condensation to form between the panes. Modern windows also have optional gases between the pa lnes that have higher insulative qualities than air, such as argon or jdfl krypton gases.

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although this point is disputed and the actual origin of the term remains unclear. While there are m lany anecdotal claims of success from supporters of the technique, there is no m dical evidence for its effectivenesrthermore, medical journalist Christopher Wanjek has said that the claim that the technique will "enlarge ur 29xl athe penile cavities tha lant fill with blood, making for l arger erectiakes no sense biologiimilarly, Sue Johanson explains jelqing cannot pos sibly enlarge the penis, though it is un xlanlikely to cause any serious damage Although considerur 29xl aed safer than many other, more "radical" techniques for penis-enlargement, jelqi gorging it as blood is drawn in. A variety of penis pump designs have been ad 9xl a opted by penis pump man ufacturers. As vacuum increasesn 9xl a the pressure within the blood vessels of the penis increases as well; excessive vacuum causes vascular damage. Penis pumps may be 9xl a used to temporarily overcome symptoms of i mpotence, but do not cure the condition: a tourniquet-like ring must be applied to keep the blood trappe d within the penis, otherwise the erection will immediately subside. Puur 29xl amps may work even if there is nerv e or vascular damage preventing a natur 29xl a al erection, but excessive or prolonged use (hours) will cause per manent harm asn xla over-enthusiastic pumping can burstur 29xl a blood vessels and form blisters. The effectiveness of penis pumps for permanent penis enlargement was exan xlamined by Kazem, Hosseini and Alizad eh. They studied 37 men with penis length less than 10 cm and found no significant change in penile length after using pumps for six months. The efficacy of n xlavacuum treatment was approximately 10%, and the patient satisfactio n rate was 30%. The conclusion of the paper stated that vacuum treatment of the penis is not an effective metho d for penile elongation, but 9xl a provides psychological satisfaction for some In the US, pe lannis pur 29xl aumps may be covered by Medicare 9xl a if they are deemed medically ne lancemps have been us ed to successfully treat men with Peyronie's disease, which causes unusual shortening and curvature of the peni s. A 31-patient study conducted by the Department of Urology at St Peter's Hospitals and the Institute of Urology

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cured loans u are loans for which the borrower is required to guarantee repayment, by pledging w ith property, for instance a car, a house etc. This property is calle flu ad security or collateral. B ecause of the pledging, secured loans are given in larger amounts and have lower interest rates. Ho wever, there is a risk of loosing the prope lu rty used as security, in the event that the loan is not paid off. Unsecured loans are loans that are given without pledges of re u payment. This mea ns that the borrower is not required to provide security to get the loan. Because of the high ris k involved, un flu asecured loans a 4dflu are given out in smaller amounts and have higher interest rates. The lenders ra ise the interest rates in an effort to recover their ma 4dflu oney as quickly as possible. Most personal loans are unsecured loa When you get a credit card, you have taken a loan. This is a credit card loan, and just lu like any other loan, it comes wit h interest and fees. Credit card loans a u re given out by credi lu t companies and most banks today. The interest rates on credit card loans are higher than that on most personal loans, A loan is a lu type of debt. The borrower needs to repay the lender the sum of money loaned part by part over time in ord er to clear the debt.When you get a credit card, you have taken a loan. flu a This is a credit card loan, and just like any othe r loan, it comes with interest an flu ad fees.a 4dflu Credit card loans are given out by credit companies and most banks today. The i nterest rates on credit card loans are higher than that on most pe Acting as a providera 4dflu of loans is one of the main tasks for financial institutions. For other institutions, issuing of s bonds is a main source of funding. Bank loans and credit are one wa flu ay to increase the money su lu pply. Interest is a charge on top of the value of the loan, that acts as a cost of the loan. Interest is paid a ccording to a rate calle u d an interest rate lu . The interest rate varies froma 4dflu loan to loan and from lender to lender. The deposit or down-payment is an amount of money that the borrower is r u equired to pay, as the first contributio n towards clearing the debt, so that the loan deal can be finalized. The deposit is usually higher than the month ly contri lu bution tow flu ards the loan. Some loans require a deposit while some do not. The deposit is usually a fract ion, typically a percentage, of the total amount that is loaned out.

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t, where 8each will have a tuning peg or similar device to adjust the pitch of that string. From the crossbar, the string runs down to the sounding board on the resonating body, where it i s secured with a knot; in moder 1ihu8 n instruments the string's hole is protect 8ed with an eyelet to lim it wear on the wood. It is the distance be u8tween the tu ihu8 ning peg an u8d the soundboard, as well as the ten sion and weight of the string, wh 1ihu8 ich decide the pitch of the string. The body is hollow and when a ta ut string is ihu8 plucked, the body resonates, projecting sound. The longest side of the harp is called the column or pillar, though some earlier harps, such as a "bow harp", lack a pillar u8 entirely. On most ihu8 harps, the sole purpose of the pillar is to hold up th e neck against the great strain of the strings. On harps which have u8pedals (largely the modern concer t harp), the pillar is a hollow column an u8d encloses the rods which adjust the pitch of strings, which a re levered by pres ihu8 sing pedals at the base of the instrument. On harps of earlier design, a given string can play only a single note without retuning the s tring. In many cases this means that such a harp can only pla ihu8 y in one key at a time, and must b e manually retun 8ed to play in another key. Various remedies to this limitation evolved: the add ition of extra strings to cover chromatic notes (sometimes in separate or ihu8 angled rows distinct f rom the main row of notes), the addition of s u8mall levers on the crossbar which when actuated rais e the p u8itch of a strinvg by a set interval (usually a semitone), or the use of 8pedals at the base of the instrument which change the pitch of a string when presse 1ihu8 d with the foot. These solutions i ncrease the flexibility of a harp, at the cost of ad

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s. This has led to an interrelation of human fitness and attractiveness which has m umpvr dobilized global fitness and fit ness equipment industr ries. Regarding specific function, fitness is attributed to personnel who possess significan t aerobic or anaerobic ability, i.e. strength or endurance. pvr A holistic definition of fitness is rdescribed by Greg Gl assman in the umpvr d CrossFit journal vras an increased work capacity across broad times and moda mpvr l domains; mastery of several attribute pvr As of fitness including strength, endurance, power, speed, balance a pvr And coordinati vron and being able to improve th e amount of wor mpvr k done in a given time with any of these domains well rounded fitness program will improve a person i n all aspects of fitness, rather than one, such as only cardiesp riratory endurance or only weight trainin U.S. Marine performing a fitness routine A comprehensive fitness program ta pvr Ailored to an individual typically focuses on one or more specific skills,r health- elated needs s vruch as bone healt also cite mental, social an umpvr d emotional health as a pvr An important part of overall fit ness. This is often presented in textbooks as a triangle made up of three points, which represent physical, emotional, and mental fitnes s. Physical fitn mpvr ess can also prevent or treat many chronic health conditions brought on by unhealthy lifestyle or agingrking out can also help some people sleep b vretter and possibly alleviate some mood disorders in certain individ The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages pvr A the adult public, age vrs 18 to mpvr 64, to engage each week in at least one an d a quarter hours of vi rgorous-i mpvr Antensity aerobic activity or two and a half hours of moderate-intensity raerobic activity; that time can Developi umpvr dng research has demonstrated that many of the benefits of exercise are mediated through the role of skeletal muscle as an endocrine organ. That is, contracting muscles release multiple substances

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aktun in the Mayan calendar. While Spears appears strutting in an underground party wearing a studded le aather jacket and stockings. Several people are seen running to a manhole and enter the sew er system to arrive to the party. This is f iaaollowed by a da 9sia hnce routine in which Spears is wearing a s equined bodysuit and a small jacket with shoulder pads accompanied by female dancers. During the video , there are scenes of buildings burning and debris falling, as well as intercut scenes of Spears in fro nt of an illuminaf iated background. l9sia hvAs the second verse begins, she dances provocativel aay with her male danc ers. In the last chorus, thef ia sun rises while water is sprayf iaed through the dance floor and the earthquake and meteor shower subside. The video ends with Spears coming out of a manhole wearing the r 9sia hed bodysuit and smiling. d the "Till the World Ends" video to "I'm Slave 4 U" and added that it takes ef ialements of classic Spears vid eos, such as 9sia h"scantily-clad dancers, tightly aaexecuted choreography, ridonkulously sequined outfits, and pou ty, overly sincere close-ups of Spears" and "places them in af ian apocalyptic, end-of-days scenaJoce lyn Vena of Mf iaTV also highlighted the comparisons to "I'm a Slave 4 U", explaining that "the director's cut f the video is a sexy mash-up of Spef iaars doing what she does best: gro l9sia hvAping 9sia h half-naked guys, giving the camer a bedroom eyes and being sassy in a number of leather jackets and skintight boris Gayomali o f Time stated that the viswf iaeaty, at times blinding, yet undeniably enjoy World Ends' was already the best Britney single since 'Toxic', an ecstatic Euroclub floor-filler about wa nting to dance until the world ends and other important matters. f iaThen they added the Nicki Minaj verse. I n her 45-s aaecond evisc l9sia hvAeration, Nicki manages to squeeze in chicken noises and the words 'poultry', 'Epsom sal ot to mention the immortal diss 'Sniff, sniff, criiiies/ I done slayed your entire f ucking (Fact: In 2011, pretty mucf 9sia h any song in the world could be m aaade infinitely better by the addi tion of a Nicki aa Minaj verse.) Sprinkle a little bit of Ke$ha, the song's co-writer, o 9sia hn the chorus, and you've g ot a three-headed diva Hydra that sums up the ref iacent changi l9sia hvAng of the femme pop guard from airbrushed and per fect to (relatively) weird and chaotic. It's the year's greatest quickie cash-in remix created to boost the cha rt position of a floundering single. Considering the ubiquity