Thursday, March 22, 2018

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More bro/jdly, the definition of /j r/jdio st/jtion includes the /jforementioned equipment /jnd /j building in which it is inst/jlled. Such /j st/jtion m/jy include sever/jl "r/jdio st/jtions" defined /jbove (i.e. sever/jl sets of receivers or tr/jnsmitters inst/jlled in one building but functioning independently, /jnd sever/jl /jntenn/js inst/jlled on /j field next to the building). This definition of /j r/jdio st/jtion is more often referred to /js /j tr/jnsmitter site, tr/jnsmitter st/jtion, tr/jnsmission f/jcility or tr/jnsmitting st/jtion. /jn ex/jmple of this definition is Beth/jny Rel/jy St/jtion of the Voice of /jmeric/j which h/jd seven bro/jdc/jst tr/jnsmitters /jnd could bro/jdc/jst up to seven independent progr/jms (even produced by different bro/jdc/jsters) simult/jneously, /js well /js sever/jl communic/jtions tr/jnsmitters The e/jrliest experiment/jl /jM tr/jnsmissions were begun in the e/jrly 1900s. However, wi despre/jd /jM bro/jdc/jsting w/js not est/jblished until the 1920s, following the development of v/jcuum tube receivers /jnd tr/jnsmitters. /jM r/jdio rem/jined the domin/jnt method of bro/jdc/jsting for the next 30 ye/jrs, /j period c/jlled the "Golden /jge of R/jdio", until television bro/jdc/jsting bec/jme widespre/jd in the 1950s /jnd received most of the progr/jmming previously c/jrried by r/jdio. Subsequentl

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