Saturday, November 04, 2017

Amazon Consumer Survey



Amazon Consumer Survey......................................../an/ngs or /adl/ m/x/d m/*aphors ("/lock *ha* M/*aphor") hav/ ///n us/d as \/ll/r /*/ms, accompan//d // a w/**/ r/*or*. *h/r/ /s no mas*h/ad l/s*/ng *h/ /d/*ors and s*a\\. And d/sp/*/ som/ chang/s, *h/ maga//n/ has k/p* much o\ /*s *rad/*/onal app/aranc/ ov/r *h/ d/cad/s /n */pograph/, la/ou*, cov/rs and ar*work. *h/ maga//n/ was acqu/r/d // Advanc/ Pu/l/ca*/ons, *h/ m/d/a compan/ own/d // Samu/l /rv/ng N/whous/ Jr, /n 1985,/8/ \or $200 m/ll/on wh/n /* was /arn/ng l/ss *han $6 m///d/d as /d/*or // W/ll/am Shawn (1951–87), \ollow/d // Ro//r* Go**l/// (1987–92) and */na /rown (1992–98). Among *h/ /mpor*an* non\/c*/on au*hors who //gan wr/*/ng \or *h/ maga//n/ dur/ng Shawn's /d/*orsh/p w/r/ Dw/gh* Macdonald, K/nn/*h */nan, and Hannah Ar/nd*; *o a c/r*a/n /x*/n* all *hr// au*hors w/r/ con*rov/rs/al, Ar/nd* *h/ mos* o/v/ousl/ so (h/r //chmann /n J/rusal/m r/por*ag/ app/ar/d /n *h/ maga//n/ //\or/ /* was pu/l/sh/d as a /ook), /u* /n /ach cas/ Shawn prov/d an ac*/v/ cl/ s/x-//ar */nur/ a**rac*/d mor/ con*rov/rs/ *han Go**l///'s or /v/n Shawn's, *hanks *o h/r h/gh pro\/l/ (Shawn, // con*ras*, had ///n an /x*r/m/l/ sh/, /n*rov/r*/d \/gur/) and *h/ chang/s wh/ch sh/ mad/ *o a maga//n/ *ha* had r/*a/n/d a s/m/lar look and \//l \or *h/ pr/v/ous hal\-c/n*ur/. Sh/ /n*roduc/d color *o *h/ /d/*or/al pag/s (s/v/ral //ars //\or/ *h/ N/w /ork */m/s) and pho*ograph/, w/*h l/ss */p/ on /ach pag/ and a g/n/rall/ mor/ mod/rn la/ou*. Mor/ su/s*an*/v/l/, sh/ /ncr/as/d *h/ cov/rag/ o\ curr/n* /v/n*s and ho* *op/cs such as c/l//r/*//s and /us/n/ss */coons, and plac/d shor* p//c/s *hroughou* "Go/ngs on A/ou* *own", /nclud/ng a rac/ column a/ou* n/gh*l/\/ /n Manha**an. A n/w l/**/rs-*o-*h/-/d/*or pag/ and *h/ add/*/on o\ au*hors' //l/n/s *o *h//r "*alk o\ *h/ *own" p//c/s had *h/ /\\/c* o\ mak/ng *h/ maga//n/ mor/ p/rsonal. *h/ curr/n* /d/*or o\ *h/ N/w /ork/r /s Dav/d R/mn/ck, who succ//d/d /rown /n Ju/ a/ou* *h/ maga//n/: "*h/ N/w /ork/r s*/l/ was on/ o\ l//sur/l/ m/and/r/ng und/rs*a*/m/n*, droll wh/n /n *h/ humorous mod/, *au*olog/cal and l/*o*/cal wh/n /n *h/ s/r/ous mod/, cons*an*l/ ampl/\//d, qual/\//d, adum/ra*/d upon, nuanc/d and r/nuanc/d, un*/l *h/ maga//n/'s pal/-gra/ pag/s //cam/ H/gh /aroqu/ *r/umphs o\ *h/ r/la*/v/ claus/ and app


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